[Special] Hiragana Chart *Casual Expression*

Hello. Today, I'm introducing you all hiragana here.



(kyouha hiraganawo shoukai suruyo)

Have you noticed a new name of my blog?



(atarashii burogu no namae kiduita)

The change means that I'm going to pick up not only kanji but also hiragana and katakana!



(buroguno namaekaetanoha, kanjidake jyanakute hiraganatoka katakanamo toriagete ikitaikaradayo)

And then, I'm wondering what is the best content for you to learn hiragana, but let me give you some explanation about it for now.


(donnna naiyouga ichiban minnaga hiraganawo benkyousurunoni iikanato mayotteirundakedo, toriaezu ikutsuka setsumei surune)

  • You should read it vertically from right to left, from up to down.
    (まずこの表は、縦方向に右から読んでね。) (まずこのひょうは、たてほうこうにみぎからよんでね) (mazu konohyouha tatehoukouni migikara yondene) あ→い→う→え→お→か→・・・→さ→・・・

  • Give you the match between hiragana and pronunciations. Take a look at the table below. The grayed vertical alphabets are vowels, and the horizontal alphabets are consonants.
    (ひらがなと発音の組み合わせを下の表で示すね。灰色の垂直方向が母音、灰色の水平方向が子音だよ。) (ひらがなとはつおんのくみあわせをしたのひょうでしめすね。はいいろのすいちょくほうこうがぼいん、はいいろのすいへいほうこうがしいんだよ) (hiragana to hatsuon no kumiawase wo shitano hyoude shimesune. haiirono suichokuhoukouga boin, haiirono suiheihoukouga shiindayo)
japanese hiragana chart in romaji

Japanese hiragana and romaji typing

「あ」 is a + a = a
「け」 is k + e = ke
「む」 is m + u= mu

I hope this table make it easier that you learn hiragana.



(konohyouga hiraganano benyouno yakuni tatsuto iina)

Japanese, hiragana, romaji, chart, typing


  1. Thank you so much!!!! I still forget some of them!!! I will print it to bring it always with me and continue studying!!!! :)

  2. Thank you very much for your comment! I'm super happy to hear that it could help you somewhat. Let me know if you have any request!

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    Your post is very interesting!

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