[Tool] The way to practice Japanese Kanji in school in Japan.

Long time no see everybody. My last update: [Fresh Japanese] I watch it was posted on this April. It was a half year ago. The reason why I started this blog is to tell people who are interested in Japanese language real Japanese. I think there are many websites enabling you to study Japanese in many ways like, a typing game, a flash card, a quiz, and so forth. Of course those methods would be useful to you, especially keep your motivation high, but those are not the way we, Japanese people, learn hiragana, katakana, and kanji. Also I’m not sure whether the contents are really true or not because those are provided by foreign people in most cases.

I was trying to blog simply and deeply about Japanese, but the more I try that way, the more the contents get too simple to do better in terms of SEO, and my blog hasn't got many views, and then I lost my motivation to keep updating, honestly speaking. However, I found that my video uploaded on YouTube channel, handwriting of Japanese, got almost 1,000 views, which was not big actually, and some people left comments on it. It is motivating me a lot. Responses from foreign people studying Japanese make me energetic. So, I've decided to restart this blog, I swear here.

Tool:Japanese kanji notebook for exercise

Anyway, today I am introducing the way we learn Japanese writing in elementary schools. The picture below is an example of Japanese practice drill. This is very popular educational materials used for ages. We write along with the guide and say aloud to memorize. In our Japanese classes, so-called "Kokugo (国語:こくご)", every student have to take the class, write, and read aloud. Do you have such drills in your Japanese lessons? Also we frequently have a homework,"Kakitori (書き取り:かきとり)", a kind of kanji notebook, which lets us write kanji repeatedly to memorize kanji symbols and each pronunciation. In my case, I did Kakitori every day for exercise. You can see a Kakitori notebook below.

empty kanji note book used in Japanese
kanji note book used in Japanese

We, Japanese, spend a lot of time to remember kanjis. We don’t have something special to learn it. Let’s keep studying with me. I definitely will support you. I am going to post some kanjis on an article, with each pronunciation in romaji (alphabet) and hiragana. Also I will show you some words with each kanji and example sentences with the words. Only kanji doesn’t work. Only words don’t work. Kanji and words in sentences work well. Please let me know if you have any questions.

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