[REAL Japanese] I watch it.

Hi, finally we have got into Golden Week. YEAH! Golden Week is a week off for almost all of Japanese at the first week on May. So I slept for 8 hours, and went to the gym, and watched DVD today.

Today's tweet in Japanese, picked up

Today's kanji picked up, meaning "to watch"

Kanji meaning to watch in Japanese

The meaning

  • watch

The pronunciation

  • みる miru

The usage

I think you are confused with "観" and "見". "見" is translated to see, and "観" is translated to watch. "観" is a kind of to enjoy artistic things. "見" is to just see physically.

Today's other Japanese words

  • 今日(きょう)kyou :today
  • 好き(すき)suki:like
  • 考える(かんがえる)kangaeru:thought-provoking


He is Joseph Gordon, starring 50:50, Inception, (500)Days of Summer, and so on.

Japanese, watch, kanji


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