[REAL Japanese] ごーるでんうぃーくはやくこないかな~

japanese kanji meaning early

Hello everyone. Long time no see. I've been thinking what kind of content works best for you, and today I've just hit with this idea. The concept is, "INTRODUCING REAL JAPANESE!" I sometimes tweet only in Japanese on Twitter, which is a real Japanese. So I'm gonna embed it and explain about it for you .So, today's fresh Japanese is below you can see.

This is said like, "I can't wait for Golden Week." in English
  • Katakana:ゴールデンウィーク
  • Hiragana:ごーるでんうぃーく
  • Kanji:早くこないかな~
  • Hiranagan:はやくこないかな~
  • Romaji:hayaku konai kana

And Golden week is an annual long holiday week in the first week on May. The length of it depends on each year. This year, it is cut in half unfortunately. Everybody is getting disappointed about it. How about in your country? Do you have anything you are waiting for?

See you next time.

Today's Japanese words

  • 早い はやい hayai :early
  • 早く:早い is conjugated to 早く when it modify a verb.
  • 来る 来る kuru : come
  • 来ない:来る is conjugated to 来ない when used for a question or negative sentence.
  • 来ないかな:かな is put to express a question.

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  1. Glad to see you're back !
    Thanks a lot for posting

  2. Hi thank you for the comment left. Honestly I've been really thinking about what is better. PVs have not increased much. I'd like to post something useful though.


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