[REAL Japanese] I'm busy

Hi guys,Today's my tweet picked up is the below.

Today's kanji meaning "busy"

I'm picking the word below. Can you guess the meaning?
Japanese kanji meaning busy

The meaning


The pronunciation



Today's Japanese grammar

Look at the "忙しい「の」に", the「の」 does have a meaning of "that", like " The truth is that I am busy.". This is a very casual expression.

「~だけど、・・・だ」 is equals to "・・・ although ~".

If any question arise, please let me know.

Today's other Japanese words

  • ぎゃー(gya-):just a echo-sound to express shocked, or frighten feeling
  • 何とか(nantoka):somehow
  • めどが立つ(medogatatsu):to get how long it will take to finish something
  • けど(kedo):but
  • それでも(soredemo):still
  • やること(yarukoto):things to do
  • まだ(mada):yet
  • 多い(ooi):many
  • 気を抜けない(kiwonukenai):can't feel easy

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