Kanji chart for numbers

We, Japanese, learn kanjis for numbers in a 1st grade of elementary school. If you want to review all of kanjis learnt at 1st grade, visit Japanese kanji chart for 1st grade of elementary school students in Japan to learn more. In other languages, there are many things to memorize before you get to be able to speak numbers, but in Japanese, we need to only know 10 kanjis to count less than 100. Plus, if you want to count till 1 billion, you need to learn additionally only four. Kanjis for numbers are very easy.

Basic kanjis for numbers

number kanji romaji
One ichi, hajime
Two ni, futa(tsu)
Three san, mi
Four shi, yon
Five go, itsu(tsu)
Six roku, mu(tsu)
Seven shichi, nana
Eight hachi, ya(tsu)
Nine kyuu, kokono(tsu), ku
Ten jyuu, too

You can count till 99 by just using this ten kanjis. Let’s go to some examples.
  • I have sixteen brothers and sisters.
    →bokuwa jyuu-rokuno ani to anega iru.
  • We have twenty-five students in our class.
    →bokuno kurasuniwa nijyu-goninno seitoga iru
See? It is super busy, isn’t it? For a next step, I will introduce you other four kanjis.

Advanced kanji for numbers

number kanji romaji
Hundred hyaku
Thousand sen, chi
Ten thousand man
Hundred million oku

Now, you can count till one hundred billion in Japanese. Let’s move to some examples.
  • Two hundred sixty people live in that area.
    →nihyaku rokujuu nin no hitoga sono chiiki ni sundeiru.
  • You can see five-thousand and three-hundred kinds of animals there.
    →anatawa sokode gosen sanbyaku shuruino doubutsuwo mirukotoga dekiru
  • More than thirty thousands of Japanese people die every year.
    →maitoshi sanmannin ijyouno nihonjinga shindeiru.
  • In this month, we made a million yen for sales.
    →kongetsuno uriagewa, hyakumanen deshita
  • Some of my friends have more than hunderd million yen.
    →tomodachide nanninka, ichiokuen ijyouno okanewo motteiru.
  • In this earth, the population is more than 6 billion.
    →kono chikyuuno jinkouwa, rokujyuuokunin ijyouda

kanjis for numbers consist of other kanjis

The kanjis for numbers above are not only used to indicate numbers, but also used in kanjis as a part. Japanese kanjis are combinations of some kanjis, which means you can decompose a kanji to some kanjis. The kanji consisting can influence a meaning and pronunciation of a whole kanji. When you memorize many kanjis, you get to be able to assume a meaning and pronunciation by just considering a part of the kanji. There are some kanji including kanjis for numbers.

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