[No. 0021 Kanji] Fleeting

kanji meaning fleeting
Do you remember the post, [No.0014 Kanji] Dream? If you do so, you might think this Kanji is very similar to the kanji, "夢 ゆめ yume", meaning a dream.

So, what do you think of the meaning of the kanii above? Similar meaning to a dream? The answer is no. The meaning is "fleeting", and it is pronounced, "はかない hakanai".

The interesting story I've mentioned on the article above is the following.
This Kanji, "儚", consists of 2 parts, "亻" and "夢".  "亻" means human beings, as I've told you on this post, and "夢" is a dream.

Here, we can make the equation as below.
In other words, a dream of human is fleeting.
Japanese dream might be a fleeting thing that we will never achieve as opposite to American dream that they can surely achieve.

I think this is a Japanese traditional mind because there were very similar concepts in the past, like "諸行無常 しょぎょうむじょう shogyou mujyou". If you got interested in it, do please visit this or this. The two explain about it, and it would be very useful to you.

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