[No.0020 Kanji] Like

kanji for liking
If you want to tell your feeling to someone, you might use this Kanji. This kanji basically indicates "to like".

あなたのことが好き(すき)です。 - I like you or I love you.
(anata no koto ga suki desu.)

彼(かれ)/彼女(かのじょ)、好み(このみ)なんだよね。 - He/She is my type.
(Kare/kanojo, konomi nandayone.)

It has other ways to pronounce, but we'll tell you next time.

As for etymology, it seems that there are some streams. What I like is most: the kanji expresses that a mother taking care of her kid.

Looking for an origin of kanji is very interesting, isn't it? Most of Japanese don't know much about it. So you must be familiar with kanji more than Japanese if you could keep learning about kanii at KANJI.COM ;)

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