[No.0015 Kanji] Fragrant

kanji for fragrant
Today's kanji is very difficult, and I'm sure there are many Japanese people who don't know this itself and how to pronounce it. So this is a big chance to make your Japanese friends surprising;)

"馨しい" means "being fragrant, scentful", and is pronounced "かぐわしい kaguwashii". As you can see, this kanji include "香 かおり kaori" and "声 こえ koe". I guess that you might tell this kanjis is related to smell if you know the meaning of "香".

And, here is a photo of Japanese unique beer.

The name is KAGUA, 馨和 in Kanji. I personally love this symbol and font. Of course the taste is very nice. KAGUA has 2 flavors, red and white.

KAGUA is a unique ale, unlike anything you have tasted before.
From the moment you pour it in your glass, you will be mesmerized by its distinctive and exceptional aromas. (http://www.nipponcraftbeer.com/kagua)

If you are in Japan, KAGUA is waiting for you in "factory" ( http://www.the-silver-factory.com/ ) where is located in Shibuya. It's a highly recommended product to enjoy Japan.

#Should you have any kanji you wanna know, please leave a comment or contact share.your.japan[at]gmail.com.

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