[No.0014 Kanji] Dream

kanji for a dream
This kanji means a dream, is pronounced "yume", and wrtitten as "ゆめ" in hiragana.
I was trying to explain about etymology for it, but I changed my mind, and will give you a short introduction.

The upside of it has 2 parts visually, "艹 kusakanmuri" which indicates that it is related to a plant, and "目 eye". I heard that the two originally meant horns and eyes of a sheep.
The downside of it is "夕 yu" meaning evening, sunset, or something.

Now, there is a interesting to tell you about it.
In Japan, a dream is thought to be a thing that people want to achieve but basically it won't come true. On the other hand in USA, a dream is a goal which is likely to come true, right? I think this idea reflects each mind.

Anyway, this kanji is used in other kanji, and that story is also interesting. I'll post about it next time.

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