[SPECIAL] How To Make Okonomiyaki

Hi everybody.
Today I will give you a special content, how to cook okonomiyaki which I got some requests about it.


☆Water - 200 cc
☆Flour - 140 g
☆Soy sauce - a bit
☆Salad oil - a bit
・Cabbage - a half
・Bean Sprout - 1bag
・Green Onion - amont you want
・Pork - 100g
・Noodle - 2 bag
・Egg - 2
・Otahuku sauce


1) Mix the ingredients starred together and lay it on a pan or plate.

2) Put cabbage which is cut into stripes, bean sprout , and green onion.

3) Put pork on it, pour some water, and steam for 3 minutes

4) Fry up noodles with otahuku sauce

5) After bean sprouts are well-boiled, put the fried noodles on it

6) Put a row egg on the pan/plate

7) After the egg get cooked, turn okonomiyaki over and put on the egg.

8) Turning the okonomiyaki over again completes it.

Eat it with otahuku sauce and mayonnaise! Hope you enjoy Okonomiyaki at your house.

※Recipe by http://cookpad.com/recipe/1588129

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  1. I prepared the okonomiyaki yesterday but something went wrong, maybe the difference in the quality of the ingredients and I could not find the sauce, so I replaced it with soy sauce. I hope that next time I find the sauce and improve the taste!!!


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