[No. 0025 Kanji] Face

japanese kanji meaning face
This kanji means a face, and is pronounced "かお kao" or "がん gan". It looks a little bit difficult to write down, but it is a kanji to be learned at second grade of primary school in Japan.

The reason why I chose it is that today I have had some conversation about "顔文字 かおもじ Kaomoji on Twitter. Do you know that? This is Japanese emoticon, and I heard that it is very popular in other countries. Some seem to have a kaomoji app for their smartphones.
You can find Kaomojis on here.

顔(かお)がはれてるよ。- Your face gets swollen.
(kao ga hareteruyo)

顔(かお)が痛(いた)い。- I have a pain on my face.
(kao ga itai)

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