[No.0031 Kanji ] Love

japanese kanji for love
I think some of you have already known this kanji. Do you? This is a kanji meaning "love".

わたしはあなたを愛(あい)している。- I love you.
(watashi wa anata wo ai shiteru)

儚(はかな)い愛(あい)。-A fleeting love.
(hakanai ai)

#The second one is a review for you. Do you remember the kanji meaning fleeting?

As for etymology, 愛 is originally come from 3 parts below.

・心(こころ)- a mind
・夂(足をひきずる)- appearance of a person dragging his/her feet.
・旡(人が胸をつまらせてのけぞったさま)- appearance of a person bending backward.

In conclusion, appearance that someone can't walk ahead with a broken heart. It is really romantic origin, isn't it? Have your ever loved anyone like this?

There is other similar word, 恋(こい:koi). If you can tell the difference between the two, visit this article,[No.0032 Kanji] Crush

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