[N0. 0027 Kanji] Enjoy / Easy

japanese kanji meanig easy and enjoying
This kanji has two meaning. The one is "easy", and the other is "to enjoy".

今日(きょう)のテストは楽(らく)だったね。- Today's exam was easy.
(kyou no tesuto ha raku dattane)

昨日(きのう)は楽(たの)しかった!- I had a great time yesterday.
(kinou ha tanoshikatta)

I think you are likely to meet this kanji in Japanese sentences. If you have good time with Japanese, please do say 「楽しかったよ」 to him/her. He/She would feel happy to hear that. Of course, I hope you enjoy KANJI.COM.

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  1. Thanks !
    This is my favorite Kanji
    Maybe because when I see it I see someone lauging !
    I found also so ramen makers here in France using this kanji http://www.tanoshi.fr/

  2. Thank you for your comment! Yours was 1st comment here. I really appreciate it.
    Glad to hear you like this kanji. You mean someone laugh at this kanji?
    I've just clicked the link, but it looked so nice. Have you ever tried this restaurant? If you have, let me know how it works;)

  3. I see someone laughing so much that he cries ...

    Tanoshi.fr is not a restaurant (too bad) but products
    You can find them in some supermarkets
    Those ramen are not as good as the ones you can eat in Japan but are better than expected

  4. Oh okay. Still I'm happy to hear that supermarket. Hope the supermarket is popular.


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