[No.0032 Kanji] Crush

japanese kanji meaning a state to be fallen love with someone

Continuing love romance related kanji, today I'm introducing above. Here you can check previous post.

わたし、彼(かれ)に恋(こい)しちゃったみたい。- I seem to fall in love with him.
(watashi kare ni koi shichatta mitai)

恋愛(れんあい)って難(むずか)しいよね。- Love romance is very difficult.
(renai tte muzukashii yone)

Do you understand the difference between 愛(あい/ai) and 恋(こい/koi)? 愛(あい/ai) is a feeling to love someone. 恋(こい/koi) is a situation to be fallen in love with someone. If you have not checked the previous post or want to find out more, click [No.0031 Kanji ] Love.

And 亦 part of 恋 expresses a person holding something both side. Can you see it?

In old days, 恋 was written as 戀.
japanese old kanji for love

戀 is made of 糸, 言, 糸, and 心, describing a mind(心:こころ/kokoro) which can't tell its feeling because it is getting entangled with line(糸:いと/ito). In that day, they were not allowed to love someone freely, and there were few communication ways.

It was first time for me as well to learn the origin of this kanji, but it was very romantic. The more I learn about the origin of Japanese kanji, the more I get attracted to Japanese culture and mind. I'm really proud of Japan.


  1. I'm sorry, but I can't get it, why the name of this kanji symbol is "Crush"?

  2. Thanks for the comment.
    I have used "crush" like, "He's got a crush on her" for instance. So please don't take crush as an attack or something. In summary, this kanji symbol means "being fallen love with someone".

  3. Thank you for reply. It wasn't easy to see the difference between 愛 and 恋, but this interpretation, "fall in love with someone", it really makes sense to me.

  4. 愛 is a feeling that makes you love someone. 恋 is a state that you have someone who you love at the moment. Thanks for the comment anyway.
    We've been wondering whether our blog content or explanation is really appealing to you, who like Japan or Japanese language. So it is very happy to see comments of visitors like this case. We truly appreciate it. Should you have any question or inquiry on other posts or this blog itself, do please let us know.


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