[No.0038 Kanji] Throw

japanese kanji for throwing


How was your day?
(kyou ichinichi doudatta?)

Is your study or work going well?
(benkyou tokaha shigotoha juncho?)

I will introduce a kanji which you can use when you face something tough this time.
(konkaiha, minnaga taihenna kotoni chokumen shitatokini tsukaeru kotoba wo shokaishimasu)

  • Sometimes I want to throw in my everything.
    (watashiha tokidoki subetewo nagedashitakunaru kotoga arimasu)

  • She got mad and threw a pencil. (彼女は怒って鉛筆を投げた) (kanojoha okotte enpitsuwo nageta)

How is it?

 Hope you like it.
(kini itte moraeruto ureshiina)

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