[No.0043 Kanji] Front/Before *Casual Expression*

japanese kanji for front or before
Hi. It's around 5:00 am in the States here. I'll heading back to Japan tonight.
(yahho-. imakokoamerikaha asanogoji, konyanihonnikaeruyo)

Today's kanji might be a little bit confusing even though the stroke is easy.
(kyounokanjiha kakunohkantandakedo, sukoshikonransasechaukamoshirenai)

  • In front of me, a famous actor was walking.
    (bokunomaewo, yuumeinahaiyuuga aruiteita)

  • I have seen him before, but I can't remember where it was.
    (karehamenimitakotogaarundakedo, dokodemitaka omoidasenai)

Do you understand 前's meaning?

It has 2 meanings, one is "in front of" and another is "before", "last time", or something like that.
(2つ意味があって、1つは"in front of"、もう1つは"before"とか"last time"とか。)
(futatsuimigaatte, hitotsuha-, mouhitotsuha-toka-toka)

In both sentences, it is pronounced "mae".
(dochiranobunsyoudemo, maetohatsuonsurunda)

However if 前 is continuously next to other kanji, then it is pronounced "zen".
(dakedo, moshi「前」gahokanokanjito tonariawaseni natteitara, zen to hatsuon surundayo)

I'll give you an example.
(reiwo agerune)

  • 前回は負けてしまった
    (zenkaiha maketeshimatta)
    (Last time, I lost.)

  • 前は負けてしまった
    (maeha maketeshimatta)
    (Last time, I lost.)

Do you catch what I mean?

Possibly this might be not a problem of kanji, but of a word.
(moshikashitara kanjinomondaitoiuyoriha tangonomondaikamoshirenaine)

Once you learn these words, you'll be able to use it next time.
(ichidooboechaeba, tsugikaraha tsukaerutoomouyo)

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