[No.0047 Kanji] Mountain *Casual Expression*

Japanese kanji for mountain

Do you like skiing or snowboarding?
(sukii toka suno-bo-do suki?)

My friends frequently go snowboarding in winter.
(tomodachiga fuyuninaruto yoku sunobo ikundakedo)

I have hit my head on the ground and knocked out for 20 minutes when snowboarding. LOL
(boku sunobo yatterutokini, atamawo jimenni butsukete nijyuppunkan kizetsushitetakotoga arundayone(warai))

  • So I like hill climbing, but I hate a snow mountain.

    (dakara yamanoboriha sukidakedo, yukiyamaha kirai(warai))
  • You like to go to mountain? Or Sea?
    (yamaha? umiha?)

Anyway, take care when you go to a snow mountain.
(yukiyama ikutokiha kiwotuketene)

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