[No.0039 Kanji] Snow *Casual Expression*

japanese kanji for snow

Hi there.

As you may know, but it's been seriously snowy in Japan!
(moshikashitara sitterukamosirenaikedo, nihonnha imasugoi yukidayo)

It is really rarely when it comes to reaching this amount.
(konnnanitakusannfurunoha honntounimettaninaikotonanndayone)

It seems that almost all of the traffic system in northern or eastern areas in Japan has been paralyzed due to the snow.
(yukinoseide, nihonnokitagawato higashigawano chiikiha koutsuumouga hotonndo mahishiteirumitai)

So, the residents in an apartment where I have lived have made a big ice-made house, which is called Kamakura in Japanese!
(de, bokunoapa-tonojyuminnga ookinakoorinoie, kamakurawo tsukuttayo)

How do you like it?

It's been freezing cold outside, but snow makes us a kind of excited, doesn't it?
(sotohasugokusamukedo, yukittenannkatanosikunai?)

Components and Etymology:

雪 consists of two parts, 雨 and ヨ.
(yukiha futatsuno bubunnkaranaritatteite, 雨toヨni wakarerunone)

it is said that 雨 means something falling from the sky, and ヨ expresses appearance wiping with a broom in hand.
(雨ha sorakarafuttekuru nanikawo arawashiteite, ヨha tenihoukiwomottehaiteiruyousuwo arawashiteiru to iwareteirumitai)

Do you have snow in your country?
(minnnanokuniha yukifurunokana?)

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