[No.0048 Kanji] Fight / War *Polite Expression*

japanese kanji for wars, fight, or battles

I'm going to add hiragana to my blog post from today.
(kyoukara buroguni hiraganamo kuwaeteikouto omoimasu)

Do you know the kanji above? 
(uenokanji shittemasuka?)

It looks really cool to me. 
(totemo kakkoiito omoimasu)

Let's go to some examples. 
(soredeha reibunni ikimashou)

  • 戦じゃー!戦じゃー!-War! War!

  • 戦い続けることをやめてはいけない-Don't stop keep fighting!
    (tatakai tudukerukotowo yameteha ikenai)

I will never ever want any war to happens again.
(sensoudakeha zettai okitehosikunai desukeredo)

Wish  a peaceful world come.
(heiwana yononakade attehoshiidesune)

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