[No.0049 Kanji] Tears *Casual Expression*

Japanese kanji for tears
(burogu mainichi koushinsuruno taihendane)
(It's hard to keep this blog updated every day.)

(hisashiburino toukouni natteshimatta)
(It's been a while to post.)

(saikin naita koto aru?)
(Have you cried recently?)

(bokuha amari naita kiokuga naindakedo)
(I don't remember when I cried lately.)

(namidaga derutte sutekina sisutemu dayone, to omou)
(I find the tear system pretty much lovely.)

(noukagakutekinimo omoshiroi)
(It is interesting in terms of brain science.)

(namida tteiu hatsuonmo sukidana-)
(I like the pronunciation, namida.)

(naidato ieba)
(As for tears,)

(nihonjinnara daredemo shitteirudearou kyokuwo shoukaishite kyouha owarinisurune)

(namidano kazudake tuyokunareruyo toiu kashiha amarinimo yuumei)
(The lyrcis: you become stronger to go forward with your experience which made you cry, is too famous to find people who don't know it.)

(ongakutte subarashii)
(Music is so wonderful.)

P.S (2/1)
 I have got some responses, like "Is this song Tears by X Japan?". It was really surprising. Is X Japan popular around the world?

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