[No.0045 Kanji] Drink *Polite Expression*

Japanese kanji for drinking

Hi there.

Today's kanji is 飲 you can see above.
(kyounokanjiha, uenikaitearutoori, 飲desu)

Let's move on some examples immediately.
(sassokudesuga, reibunni ittemimashou)

  • 今日はワインを飲みました。-I had a glass of wine today.
    (kyouha wainwo nomimashita)

  • 暑いので飲み物をちゃんと持ってきてください。-Bring your own drinks because it is hot.
    (atsuinode nomimonowo chanto mottekitekudasai)

Now, do you remember the kanji meaning "to eat"?
(sate, taberu woimisurukanjiwo oboeteimasuka?)

If you don't, you can learn it again here.
(moshi oboeteinaiyounara, kochirade benkyoudekimasu)

Now you can see the part in common between them.
(korede futatsunokanjino kyoutsuutenga wakarimasune)

kanji symbol is separated to some parts, the some have their own meaning, and these parts would help you to remember and suggest a meaning of kanji.
(kanjiha ikutsukano bubunniwakare, soreraha sorezoreni imigaari, sonobubunga kanjino imiwo oboertari yosousurunoni yakudachimasuyo)

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