[No.0046 Kanji] Undress *Polite Expression*

Japanese kanji for undressing

Hi guys.

I'm introducing the kanji about today.
(kyouha joukino kanjiwo shoukaisimasu)

Can you guess the meaning?

Let's go to some examples.
(reibun ni ikimashou)


上着を脱いで家にあがる-I enter a house after undressing a outer wear.
(uwagiwo nuide ieni agaru)

脱衣所はどこですか?-Can you tell me where a restroom is?
(datsuijoha dokodesuka?)

#Please note that there are 2 pronunciation, nugu and datsu.

脱 consists of 2 parts, and the left part, a kanji which 月 is attached to means a body-related thing or action.
(「脱」ha futatsuno bubun kara natteite, hidaribubun niaru 「月」ga tsuiteirukanjiha karadaya dousani kankeishita kanjini narimasu)

So when you see other kanji with 月, you can suggest that the kanji is related to body or action.
(「月」notsuita kanjiwo mitara, sonokanjiha karadaya dousani kanrenshita monodato suisokushite kudasai)

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